Prof. Dr. Amra Raza is the Dean, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, University of the Punjab. She is a researcher, creative writer and English Language Teacher Trainer. She holds the National Jane Townsend Poetry Prize (1990) for her poem ‘A Nights Swim’ and is the Co-editor of Voices and Visions: Young Writers from Pakistan (2008) published by University Oxford Press. She has numerous research papers published in national and international Journals to her credit. Prof. Dr. Amra Raza’s Book titled “Spatial Constructs in Alamgir Hashmi’s Poetry: A Critical Study” has been published abroad. She has written not only the Introduction to M. Athar Tahir’s poetry collection Yielding Years, but also the Foreword to Dr. Ahmed Ejaz’s book United States Crisis Preventive Diplomacy Towards Pakistan and India which is in process of publication. Her poems have been published in The South Asian Review University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown, as well as in The Pakistan Academy of Letters. As teacher trainer she has conducted many seminars/workshops in ELT and Applied Linguistics related areas. She has not only hosted, but also participated and completed HEC Projects related to Teacher Training. Her leadership has always aimed at promoting research culture in the Arts and Humanities, as well as generating interdisciplinary activities such as conferences seminars and workshops at national and international levels